Presbytery opening hours

If you need to contact a priest urgently please contact 085 888 7484

Presbytery  opening hours

Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm [closed bank holidays]

For Baptismal, Confirmation and other Certificates it is recommended that you telephone in the morning or day before you wish to collect, with the details, example name, date of birth , parents names, baptism date (if known) and for confirmation certs name of primary school attended.  This will cut down on waiting times when you call to collect.

In the event of an emergency the priest on duty can be contacted outside office hours 049-4331404 or 085 888 7484

Postal Address:  Presbytery, Farnham Street, Cavan  

Phone:  049 4331404;  Fax:    049 4332000





We are asking people NOT  TO  PARK their cars on the avenues around the Cathedral while attending Mass or other Church ceremonies.

The emergency services need to have access to the Cathedral at all times.  One never knows when the services of an Ambulance or Fire Brigade are required and access routes should not be blocked at any time.

Consideration for others is all we ask and leaving the avenues and all yellow boxes free at all times is essential.